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The Space Coast Condo Association

Condominiums continue to play a crucial role in the Brevard County, Florida, real estate market, providing beautiful homes in great locations and a wide variety of amenities to vacationers, second-home owners and investors. But who looks out for the interests of the people who are helping to sustain this key sector of the Space Coast market?

The Space Coast Condominiums Association (SCCA), a not-forprofit organization, has worked tirelessly on behalf of condominium owners, builders and developers in Brevard County since June 1975.

The organization offers many reasons to join, the most important being that it keeps its members updated on pending and enacted legislation that affects them, as well as on ever-changing state statutes, rules and regulations.

"We do a lot of work to influence legislation," says SCCA President Harry Charles. "We are all watchdog volunteers."

Brevard County is 35 miles East of Orlando and is the home of the Kennedy Space Center, Port Canaveral, 72 miles of Atlantic Ocean beaches and the largest collection of endangered wildlife and plants in the continental United States. With so much to offer residents, visitors and owners of second homes and vacation homes, it is easy to see why the condominium lifestyle is thriving. The benefits do not stop there for the 16 individuals, 105 business associations, 265 associations and 19,279 residential units the SCCA represents. Nine months of the year, special programs featuring influential speakers are available for all members.

"Everybody in the state knows us," Charles says. "We can call the Capitol and get powerful speakers, and that sets us apart." Besides the insurance issue, some of the important topics SCCA is currently discussing include building upkeep and deterioration, complaint processes and disaster planning. Seven volunteer members, elected annually, make up the SCCA Board of Directors. Charles has served as president for the past 10 years.

Stacy E. Domingo


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